Japanese Restaurant Coral Gables

Japanese Restaurant Coral Gables

The United States has a plethora of Japanese restaurants. One survey states that there are approximately 9000 Japanese eateries in the country. The truth is that there are less authentic Japanese restaurants than there are imitators. These imitations cater to the American palette and do not bring forth the real flavors of Japanese dishes. Here is how you authenticate a Japanese restaurant in Coral Gables.

Sushi servings

Sushi is a favorite Japanese dish that is prevalent in many countries across the globe. Most restaurants do not know how to prepare real sushi and usually skimp on ingredients and do not understand sushi-grade seafood and sub-quality alternatives.

Authentic sushi has a very high quality of fish, that is distinct from low-grade fish. The type of fish used should have the right coloring, such as a natural pink-orange to salmon and a whitish maroon hue on tuna. A different coloring shows that the fish is probably not fresh and is of low quality.


A Japanese restaurant in Coral Gables is as much about their performance as they are about the taste. An actual Japanese restaurant makes small-individualized servings instead of large generic meals. The balance between the quality of the food and the presentation determines the final price of the meal.

Japanese dishes on small plates will have a symmetrical presentation or an artsy appeal. Recipes with colorful garnishments will have a beautiful arrangement that positively accentuates the look.


A real Japanese restaurant takes pride in every aspect of the culture. A lot of Japanese restaurants will name their establishments with a Japanese name. Most traditional Japanese eateries are usually part of a family-owned business that has been in business for generations. Consequentially, they retain a popular title by the older family member.

Kae is a Japanese name meaning change. Efrain Landa has fifteen years of preparing authentic Japanese dishes. Our legitimacy runs through the restaurant’s name and represents the staffs’ commitment to bringing a real Japanese product to your American setting.

Restaurant look

An authentic Japanese restaurant in Coral Gables is peculiarly clean. Japan takes great pride in maintaining a serene environment in both ambiances and look. The restaurant will have a clean, fresh look and the staff will have a tidy work attire.

Kae Sushi will never spot a gunky table, stained glasses, or a weird airy smell. We have an adequately staffed establishment that works fast to keep the space crystal and peaceful for clients throughout the day.

A Japanese restaurant may have small tables that serve a smaller group of people, instead of ten tables that serves 100 people. The management values efficiency and effectiveness and will usually focus on creating the best experience for a manageable size of guests.


Most metropolitan restaurants serve a buffet of dishes. The difference with Japanese restaurants is that you are unlikely to find a wide array of foods. The purpose of having a few different meals is that the chef can focus on the efficiency of the few.

Our menu is easy to skim and features sushi-based foods. Check out all the different sushi options and make an online order or reservation through the online portal.




Japanese Restaurant Coral Gables

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